The whole World is open to You from Bratislava!

The whole World is open to You from Bratislava!

"Taurus" Art Hostel is located in the center of Bratislava, which is the capital of Slovakia. And Slovakia is located in the very center of Europe.


   Bratislava is the only world capital that shares a border with two other countries, Austria and Hungary. Incidentally, it was once possible to travel from Bratislava to Vienna by a regular street car.

   Nowadays it is easy to get to the capital of Austria using a variety of travel options, such as bus, taxi or train:  Tickets HERE!


   The train terminus is located across from the famous Belvedere:



Belvedere site


   Convenient? You bet! From here, it’s about 40 minutes to Vienna, about 2.5 hours to Budapest and 4 hours to Prague. And it’s much cheaper to stay with us!

   By the way, when the weather is warm you may enjoy a pleasant catamaran trip on the Danube river and get to Vienna at the same time - Bonne Voyage!


If mountains and lakes are your thing, you have a variety of choices!


   It is easy to travel in comfort to just about any destination from Bratislava. Would you believe it that you could get to London, Milan and Paris for 16 euros?

     It’s possible! Follow this link to book your trip: Ticket Booking System

   We can either call you a cab to the airport or tell you the best way to get there.