Bratislava: Historical center

Bratislava: Historical center

Taurus Art Hostel is situated directly above the Old Castle (Hrad), the heart of old Bratislava.




   Old city center is about a minute walk from Taurus (make a left as you walk out the front door). If you choose to make a right, then after a minute walk you will find yourself in Hrad (Old Castle on the hill, one of the main Bratislava landmarks), with beautiful panoramic views of the city and the Danube river.


   Bratislava was the site of many coronations of European monarchs. There are many beautiful churches, cathedrals, art galleries and museums.




   Bratislava is a true “good old Europe". Its pretty narrow streets are lined with cozy little cafes where you can sample a huge varierty of beer including the renowed dark lager "Saris" and also try authentic Slovak cuisine such as goat cheese dumplings, knedliks, cabbage pies, grilled pork legs and poppy seed cakes. And that’s only for starters!

   Bratislava hosts international exhibitions, concerts of world renowned performers and sporting events. Bratislava natives are nice people who would stop to chat with you and give you directions.

   Our hostel staffers would do the same for you, with a smile!