"Taurus" Art Hostel is the only hostel that we know of where guests from different countries can make music together - sing, play instruments and spend time getting to know one another and have an impromptu live music jam. We have a stage and a number of musical instruments. You may make plans for a jam session at Taurus at our online forum.
   We have only 8 rooms and a small concert hall/stage where a musician may become a spectator and vice versa. You can have jam sessions every day, if you want!

    You can make arrangements to meet up with other musicians at our Forum for rehearsals, concerts and jam sessions.  If you would rather only play for your own enjoyment, that is not a problem at all. JamHub to the rescue!



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   You don’t bother anybody and nobody bothers you:








  Just so you know, the owners of Taurus Art Hostel are musicians.


   Your musical endeavors will be appreciated and applauded, too!